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White House/Pentagon

Why Congress Should Defeat Defense Bill Unless “Draft Our...
The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) has approved their version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 , and the full House has passed their version of the annual NDAA (H.R. 7900) , 329-101 on July 13.  The full Senate will vote on the annual... Read More
26 Jul 22
Tags Congress/Legislation, Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Selective Service Implications, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
People Are Policy: Three Pentagon Nominees Who Do Not...
On February 17, the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) interviewed four nominees for high-level positions at the Department of Defense .  The Center for Military Readiness is concerned about three: Mr. Ravi Chaudhary , Mr. Franklin R. Parker , and Ms. Agnes Gereben Schaefer... Read More
07 Mar 22
Tags Congress/Legislation, White House/Pentagon
CMR Challenge: Strengthen Our Military – Secure American...
When historians write about the effectiveness of our military after the Biden/Harris  Administration ’s inept retreat from Afghanistan , the year 2022 will be seen as a turning point.  Either the armed forces will continue to bear heavy burdens of “woke”... Read More
11 Jan 22
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
Why Is James Mattis Leading Military Officers Opposing...
“Liberal activists are using the critical words of former Secretary of Defense James Mattis in a concerted campaign to replace President Donald J. Trump with former Vice President Joe Biden.  Full-page Sunday newspapers quoting Mattis are running in swing states, raising money to... Read More
12 Oct 20
Tags White House/Pentagon
Keep “Woke” Ideology Out of the Department of Defense
Imagine this: The streets of Army bases or the decks of Navy ships are painted with large yellow letters saluting the controversial organization, “ Black Lives Matter. ”  At the Army/Navy game, players take a knee instead of saluting the flag. At all the military service... Read More
19 Aug 20
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
LGBT Activists Promote Fake Pentagon Troop Survey
Perception Management (PM) Tactics in Play Nationwide impositions of transgender ideology, such as boys taking girls’ places on athletic teams and sex-change treatments for gender-confused children , are becoming more extreme and problematic.  During the Obama Administration ,... Read More
04 Mar 20
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
Military Leaders Should Follow the Commander-in-Chief
President Donald Trump has been working to restore sound priorities that promote military readiness, not demoralizing social agendas that the previous administration pushed to extremes.  Recent news reports suggest, however, that some Defense Department and military officials are not... Read More
16 May 19
Tags White House/Pentagon
Mr. President, Just Do the Right Thing on Military...
In his presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump pledged to strengthen the armed forces and to end political correctness (PC) in the military.  The 2016 Republican National Platform provided unequivocal support: “ We reject the use of the military as a platform for social... Read More
20 Mar 18
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
Conservative Consensus Supports Trump on Transgenders in...
Liberal media sources keep focusing on the demands of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) activists, but President Donald J. Trump has a clear mandate to restore sound policy on the matter of transgenders in the military. On February 14, the Conservative Action Project (CAP)... Read More
22 Feb 18
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, White House/Pentagon
Failure to File Supreme Court Appeal Invites Federal...
Under the U.S. Constitution, federal judges have no power to run the military.  Nevertheless, four U.S. District judges have ordered the Department of Defense (DoD) to ignore official instructions from President Donald J. Trump , and to fully implement unprecedented mandates to recruit... Read More
31 Dec 17
Tags White House/Pentagon
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