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Posted on Sep 20, 2019 Print this Article

James Hasson Exposes Military Social Justice Warriors

New Book Reports What Servicemen and Women Were Not Asked and Could Not Tell

Attorney James Hasson, a Ranger-trained former Army Captain and decorated veteran of Afghanistan, has written a game-changing book titled Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging America’s Military.  This book should be required reading at the White House, the Pentagon, the military service academies, war colleges, and all the ships at sea.

Hasson is a reporter of contemporary history of social change in the military – a story that “woke” journalists working for major media rarely report.  Hasson’s 226-page book connects all the dots with solid citations, new information, and first-hand testimony.  The result is a jaw-dropping picture of national defense being weakened by political correctness. 

As the author states, “This is the story of what will be President Obama’s enduring legacy: the sacrifice of the combat readiness of our armed forces to the golden calves of identity politics and progressive ideology.”

Hasson fearlessly challenges military and civilian leaders at all levels to focus their eyes on the damage done to our military by “social justice warriors.”  These “hard left ideologues,” also known as “SJWs,” were empowered to run the Department of Defense under President Barack Obama

The book identifies several high-level SJW’s, such as Ray Mabus, Deborah Lee James, and Eric Fanning, Secretaries of the Navy/Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army, respectively.  While they were in office, these appointees showed little concern about military core values, morale, high standards, and overall readiness.  Instead, they worked with like-minded defense secretaries to “transform” the military into what one officer called “a laboratory for progressive social engineering.”

Obama-era Defense Department SJWs had free rein to ride their “progressive hobbyhorses,” and they got away with it because military personnel must follow orders and Congress looked the other way.  Men and women were forced to participate in social experiments that they knew would make their lives more difficult and more dangerous, but they had no way to dissent.

James Hasson recognized the problem and went out to interview, in confidence, military personnel who were most harmed by progressive policies under which they would live and sometimes die.

Thanks to Hasson’s sources’ foresight and willingness to risk their careers telling the true story and supporting it with training documents, we now know that the female Army Ranger School trainees were forgiven major errors that would have caused male trainees to be dropped from the course.  One of the women, for example, received a passing grade even though she had lost track of one of her soldiers while on patrol, forcing officials to terminate the entire mission. 

This matters because SJW officials and liberal media pointed to the graduation of the two women from Ranger School as “proof” that women should serve in the infantry.  The Army women’s assisted accomplishment also overruled three years of scientific Marine Corps research and field tests proving otherwise.

In a chapter titled “It’s Now or Never,” Hasson challenges the Trump Administration to roll back the misguided Obama-era “reforms” to the military before it is too late, and to appoint responsible Pentagon officials who will implement orders to discontinue social engineering in the military.

As stated by a current Army major and infantryman who has deployed to Iraq multiple times, “The Trump administration needs to have the moral courage to stop the Obama-era social experiments and reverse them entirely.” 

Hasson also challenges Congress to start asking solid questions about military problems and failures that are the direct result of social experiments, and encourages military leaders to speak the truth about sensitive subjects. 

The first step in solving a problem is to identify what it is.  The book Stand Down does that very well.  It could also inspire political will and courageous leadership to restore sound priorities and to put military readiness first. 


Posted on Sep 20, 2019 Print this Article