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Posted on Feb 22, 2018 Print this Article

Issue 49: February 2018

Trump Administration at Crossroads: Why Are Marines Lowering Training Standards? 

And When Will the Pentagon Fight Federal Courts Who Want to Run the Military?

This edition of CMR E-Notes provides updates on two major issues: Choices that the Trump Administration faces under court orders usurping president powers to restore sound policies regarding transgenders in the military,  and news of controversial changes in the U.S. Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course (IOC) training program, which raise questions about standards being lowered in pursuit of “gender diversity metrics.”

Readers looking for more background understanding of the transgender issue also will find two new CMR analyses and several articles of interest below.

1.  Conservative Consensus Supports Trump on Transgenders in the Military

New statements reflecting consensus among conservative leaders, retired military officers of high rank, and the Republican National Committee indicate that President Trump enjoys strong support for his intent to end political correctness in the military.

A report to President Trump on this subject was due on February 21, but it is not known whether the Departments of Defense and Justice will challenge over-reaching court orders from judges who have no power to run the military.  The Department of Defense should protect presidential prerogatives and push back against federal judges in court.

2.  Have the Marines Lowered Combat Endurance Test Standards?

There is no satisfaction in watching predictions of lowered standards in the Infantry Officer Course playing out in the Marine Corps as predicted when the Obama Administration overruled the Marines’ request for exceptions to women in combat mandates in 2015.  Obama Administration officials promised that no standards would be lowered, but they are.

3.   Understanding the Transgender Moment

What is the point of forcing the schools, the military, and other institutions to endorse the unscientific notion that superficial changes in appearance really can change gender?  Ryan Anderson, Ph.D., a Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, has just released an enlightening book that explains flawed premises and serious consequences of LGBT demands regarding transgenderism.

The book should be of great help to individuals and families struggling with gender dysphoria, and to military personnel who are expected to implement transgender ideology as a matter of official policy:

Additional articles of interest:

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 Print this Article