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Posted on Oct 31, 2010 Print this Article

Military Culture Coalition List of Issues to be Addressed by DoD Working Group

The documents and links below were provided to Comprehensive Review Working Group for the convenience of members and staff who are researching issues associated with Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C., the 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible to serve in the military.  The presentation of this partial list of policy analyses, reports, and articles, many of which have been published by individuals and groups associated with the Military Culture Coalition, should not be construed as support for repeal of Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C. or endorsement of recommendations for mitigating problems likely to ensue if Congress repeals the 1993 the law.


Background and Overview 

January 20, 2010 letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates from House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, listing issues of concern to the HASC, and providing an extensive analysis of the 1993 “RAND Study on Sexual Orientation and US Military Policy” by Campbell University Law School Professor William A. Woodruff

Air Force University Press, May 2010,  Attitudes Are Not Free: Thinking Deeply About Diversity in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Chapter by Elaine Donnelly titled “Defending the Culture of the Military,” pp. 249-292.  Portions of this chapter are excerpted under several topics below.

Text of Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C.

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  Statement of Priorities and Overview

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt: Legislative History of Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C.

CMR Policy Analysis, Legislative History of the Law Regarding Homosexuals in the Military, August 2008

CMR Policy Analysis Charts: Consequences of the Proposed New LGBT Law for the Military

Stars & Stripes:  Senate Vote Leaves Repeal of Gay Ban Unlikely Any Time Soon

Frank Gaffney, Military Dodges a Bullet

CMR: Senate Protects Military By Blocking Repeal of Gays-in-Military Law


A.  Practical Consequences of a Non-Discrimination Policy Regarding LGBT Personnel 

Statement of the Flag & General Officers for the Military, personally signed by 1,167 retired generals and admirals, 51 of four-star rank.  

Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, USA (Ret.), Mission Compromised: How the Obama Administration is Drafting the Military into the Culture War

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  Consequences of Repealing the 1993 Eligibility Law, Section 654, Title 10, U.S.C.

Gen. Carl E. Mundy, Jr., former Commandant, USMC (Ret.), Maintain Military Gay Ban

Tony Perkins, USA TodayOpposing View on Gays in the Military:  Keep the Law in Place

CMR Summary: Ten Reasons to Oppose the "LGBT Law" or Policy for the Military

Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, USA (Ret.) and Medal of Honor recipient, Don’t Stress the Military With Quad-Sexual Units


R. L. Bernard: Nonsexual Zones of Trust and Military Policy

Peter Sprigg, Sex Matters in the Military

CBS News: Pentagon: Gay Survey Won’t Lead to Segregation

Letter of retired Army Lt. Col. William J. Gregor, Ph.D., to Co-Chairs of CRWG, 28 September 2010, regarding O’Callahan v. Parker, (1969), and Solorio v. U.S., (1987). 

Elaine Donnelly, Human EventsThe Fehrenbach Case: Defining Military Discipline Down 


Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman,“Gay Boise Air Force Pilot ‘Outed’ by False Accusation,” August 23, 2009.  (This investigative news report was subsequently removed from the website of the Idaho Statesman, which subsequently editorialized that the consensual conduct of Lt. Col. Fehrenbach should not be considered deserving of discharge.  The recommended lowered standard, applied equally to all, would significantly degrade the culture of the military.)

Richard H. Black: Danger to Discipline

Patrick J. Buchanan: Don’t Tell! On Eric Massa

Navy Times: Trident Training Facility CO Fired – 14th CO Relieved of Command in 2010


B.  LGBT Training and Corollary “Zero Tolerance” Policies

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  “Diversity” Training and Education

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  The Intolerance of “Zero Tolerance”

Tony Perkins, My Take: Ending DADT Would Undermine Religious Liberty

September 16, 2010 letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates signed by 66 retired military chaplains

Alliance Defense Fund, Letter to President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates, February 17, 2010, Military Policy Regarding Religious Freedom and  Chaplains

Alliance Defense Fund Letter to General Carter F. Ham, USA, and Jeh Johnson, Co-Chairs, CRWG, September 29, 2010, regarding religious freedom concerns

The Impact of Repealing DADT on the Chaplain Corps, statement signed by senior active-duty chaplain, provided by the Alliance Defense Fund

Father Alexander F.C. Webster, Ph.D., Stars & StripesChaplains in No Win Situation on “Don’t Ask”

National Catholic RegisterDADT: Archbishop for the Military Voices Opposition

Archbishop Broglio’s Statement on Proposed Legislation 

Daniel Blomberg, Alliance Defense Fund: “Yes.  Religious Liberty is in Real 



Washington Times:  EDITORIAL: New gay Army

Washington Times:  EDITORIAL:  Outing the new gay Army


Washington Times: General Denies Equating Gays, Blacks in Military

Washington Times Letter to the Editor: “Witness to Bostick Comments”


C.  Burdens of Social Engineering that Affect the Quality of Military Life and Factors Essential to Sustain the All-Volunteer Force


Report of the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces, November 15, 1992, Finding 2.5.1, p. C-80:

 “Characteristics of Cohesion:  Cohesion is the relationship that develops in a unit or group where (1) members share common values and experiences; (2) individuals in the group conform to group norms and behavior in order to ensure group survival and goals; (3) members lose their personal identity in favor of a group identity; (4) members focus on group activities and goals; (5) unit members become totally dependent on each other for the completion of their mission or survival; and (6) group members must meet all standards of performance and behavior in order not to threaten group survival.”

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  An LGBT Law or Policy for the Military: Impact on Morale

Mackubin Thomas Owens, Wall Street Journal, The Case Against Gays in the Military

Statement of Sgt. Maj. Brian Jones, USA (Ret.) before the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee, July 23, 2008

Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, USA (Ret.), Human EventsGay Review and Combat Effectiveness

Stuart Koehl, Weekly Standard, “Don’t Repeal ‘DADT’”


Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  Speculation About Willingness to Serve


D.  Changes in Military Culture 

Washington TimesGroup Wants Same Military Benefits for Gay Spouses

Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret), Military Lab Rats

Chuck Donovan, the Heritage Foundation: Ready, Fire, Aim on DADT

CMR AnalysisHigher Non-Deployability Rates Due to HIV Infection

AP:  44% of Gay, Bisexual Men With Aids Don’t Know It

Center for Disease Control Fact Sheet, September 2010: HIV and AIDS Among Gay and Bisexual Men

Family Research Council: Sexual Assault in the Military

Dr. Robert J. Labutta: Risky Health Maneuvers


E.  Anticipated Revisions in Military Law and Regulations


Letter to CRWG from William J. Gregor, Ph.D:  Harmful Consequences of Margaret Witt ruling on principles of military law

Hans von Spokovsky, the Heritage Foundation: Don’t Ask, I’ll Just Tell You What the Law Should Be: Log Cabin Republicans v. United States

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt: “Stop Loss” Authority for National Security Only

CMR Policy Analysis, New DoD Policy: Don’t Report, Don’t Ask, April 2010

Air Force Captain Statement provided by the Alliance Defense Fund, regarding DADT 

Washington Times Editorial: Judicial Assault on DADT


  1. F.  Arguments For and Against Repeal of the Current Law


Military Culture Coalition Survey – 2010

Elaine Donnelly, Big Peace, Pentagon Survey Catches a Tiger by the Tail

Col. Chris J. Krisinger, USAF (Ret.) Washington Times, Fake 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Review?

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt: Civilian Surveys and Polls

Army Times, 2008: Military Times Poll

Donnelly Book Chapter Excerpt:  Foreign Countries as Role Models

CMR Policy Analysis: False National Security Argument for Gays in the Military – Small Number of Discharges Do Not Justify Repeal of 1993 Law

Col. David F. Bedey, USA (Ret.)  Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: A Clear and Present Danger 


Conclusion and Over-Arching Issues

Duke University Journal of Gender Law & Policy, Gender, Sexuality & the Military, peer-reviewed article by Elaine Donnelly, Constructing the Co-Ed Military, Volume 14, May 2007, pp. 815-952.

* * * * * * * 

Additional Bibliography Articles Submitted to the 

Comprehensive Review Working Group on October 25, 2010


Senate Report 103-112, regarding 1993 law banning gays from the military, Section 654, Title 10, National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1994 (published July, 1993)

House Report 103-200, regarding 1993 law banning gays from the military, Section 654, Title 10, National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1994 (published July, 1993) 

Memorandum from HASC Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Steve Buyer, clarifying congressional intent that the 1993 law would codify and continue long-standing policy: 
MCC Leaders Request Investigation of Army General’s Remarks

Washington TimesGroup Wants Same Military Benefits for Gay Spouses

Bob Maginnis, Human Events: Troops Will Vote With Their Feet

Donnelly, Big Peace: No Reason to Bow to the “Supreme Judicial Commander of the U.S. Military

Ed Whelan, President of the Ethics & Public Policy Center, has done an excellent job explaining the Witt case and its likely consequences: The Public Discourse:  Don’t Defend, Don’t Tell

American Legion Denounces Ruling

Adam Paul Laxalt, American Spectator“Don’t Ask, Just Tell”

Thomas More Law Center Statement: Federal Judge Seizes Control of Military, Imposes Worldwide Ban on DADT

Donnelly, Washington TimesHomosexual Left Flubs Military Culture War

Catholic News Service: Military Archbishop Describes Dangers of Altering DADT

Jed Babbin, Real Clear Politics -  DADT: A Cautionary Tale

CMR SITREP: Failed Attack on the Flag & General Officers for the Military


                                           * * * * * * *

Posted on Oct 31, 2010 Print this Article